Childcare at Helen's House

Policies and Procedures

Children need to be allowed to have fun in a safe and caring environment.  I take the safety and security of the children seriously, and with this in mind, here are my policies and procedures. 

Although a little lengthy the procedures have been refined thoughout my years of experience to ensure that they are sensible and fair to all parties.


Medicines, Accidents & Illnesses

On sunny days a child should be sent to childminding sessions wearing sun protective cream.  Cream may be reapplied by me, as and when required.  I must be notified of any allergies a child may have to avoid a reaction.

In the event that a child becomes very ill, or involved in an accident during a childminding session, I will contact the parent and a doctor or an ambulance if necessary.  I will ask for at least two emergency telephone numbers.  If the parent cannot be contacted then the second emergency contact number will be telephoned.  In the event that the parent or emergency contact is unavailable, then emergency treatment may be administered in the absence of the parent. Some illness are notifiable to Public Health England.

Medicines can be administered with prior agreement of the parent, details of medicine, dosage, times of administration and parent’s signatures will be noted in the medicine log, together with my signature and that of the parent to confirm they have been informed that the medicine was administered.

Accidents will be recorded in the accident log.  Details will include, time date and location of the accident as well as any action taken.  Parents will be asked to sign the accident book in such an event.  Hospitalisation requires that I must inform Ofsted within 14 days.

I must be notified if any child is suffering from a contagious disease such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, diarrhoea etc.  Parents are asked to keep children at home in such cases.  Parents are asked not to bring any child who has been vomiting or has had diarrhoea until at least 48 hours have passed since the last attack to childminding sessions.

First Aid

I hold a current first aid certificate and am qualified to administer first aid.  Protective gloves will be used when administering first aid.  Any items used from the first aid box will be replaced immediately.  The first aid supplies are checked routinely at the end of every month.


My house is a smoke free zone. I am a non-smoker.  Visitors will be asked not to smoke on my premises.

Food & Drink

Children will have access to a drink at all times during childminding sessions and all meals are healthy, balanced and nutritious.  Parents should follow the same principles when sending children with a packed lunch.  All food preparation areas are thoroughly cleaned before use and all children and adults must wash their hands before handling food.  Details of any food allergies must be mentioned on the child information form.

Equal Opportunities

Children attending childminding sessions will be given equal opportunities to develop their skills regardless of race, religion, colour, disability, family circumstances or gender.  Resources will be chosen to give the children a balanced view of the world.

Special Needs

The special needs of any child attending childminding sessions will be discussed at length with the parents of that child, to ensure the child receives quality care and equal opportunities to develop and progress.  I will follow government guidance to support you child.


A child in my care will not be physically punished.  Clear boundaries are set for each child’s behaviour and praise and encouragement are used.  Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with as follows: i) a firm no; ii)  disapproving look; iii) an explanation of why the behaviour is inappropriate; iv) time out for persistent unacceptable behaviour.

Any problems concerning behaviour will be discussed parents.  If a child’s behaviour becomes such a problem that the safety of others within the setting becomes an issue, then a child may have to leave sessions immediately, if this is the case, then no notice need be given by me.

Working in Partnership with Parents

Sharing Information

There is an opportunity to share information with parents at the start and end of the session e.g., anything which might affect the child on that particular day (not feeling well, upset in the family, day to day problems, change to normal routine and arrangements) as well as development and progress.  All records kept about a child are confidential and individual parents can have access to their child’s records upon request. 

Complaints Procedure

If a parent has any concerns whatsoever, then they should be raised with me in the first instance.  All problems should be attempted to be resolved amicably.  Parents will be informed of the outcome within 28 days of any written complaint and I will keep these records to be available to Ofsted on request.  If parents feel that they wish to take their complaint further, then they should complain to Ofsted, who will investigate their complaint.  The address is The National Business Unit, Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD (tel no. 0300 1231231).  Parents will be informed of the outcome within 20 days.

Head Lice

No child will be excluded from childminding sessions because they have head lice and I ask that all children and parents are sensitive and understanding towards the child.  It is not their fault they have head lice. I would recommend that children with long hair wear it tied up and parents should check their children’s hair once a week.  Parents should inform me immediately if they have discovered that their child has head lice.  Parents will be informed if there is an outbreak, but a child will not be named.  I am happy to assist with advice and support, please discuss this with me.

Photograph Policy

Whilst your child is in my care I will be taking photographs for the child's development records, my social media pages, display board, portfolio, coursework, promotional literature and my website.  Some parents may have concerns about this and therefore must speak to me in order that I may comply fully with their wishes. 

Visitors Policy

I will not leave a minded child alone with visitors, unless I know they have been DBS checked. Visitors will not be allowed to take minded children to the toilet or change a nappy.  I will endeavour to arrange for maintenance work to the home to be carried out during non working hours wherever possible. 

CCTV Policy

The outside of the premises is protected by CCTV.  This is used for security reasons only.  Footage will only be reviewed by members of the household, unless something becomes a police matter, then it may be sent to the appropriate authorities.  I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

Dropping off/Collection

Parents should let me know in advance if they intend to arrive with or collect their child at a different time to the agreed time.  If another nominated person will be collecting the child, then arrangements must first be made with me.  If a parent does not arrive to collect their child, attempts will be made to contact them, or their partner/spouse, or their other nominated emergency contact.  If I am unable to make contact with anyone, then I will telephone Children's Social Care and follow their advice. 


Children are discouraged from bringing sweets to childminding sessions.  If they do bring sweets then they will be encouraged to share them with the other children, or save the sweets until the end of the session, when they are collected.

Children are allowed to bring their own toys to a childminding session (in the case of young children, their own toys/comforters are encouraged).  They will be expected to share their toy/s with the other children present (except in the case of very young children with comforters).  If the child does not wish to share, then their toy can be saved for when the go home at the end of the session.

General Safety

Levels of supervision will be adjusted according to the child’s age and development level when playing outdoors.  The kitchen will be used as a thoroughfare only, or with extra supervision during baking activities, setting the table, preparing drinks.

Lost Child Policy

I will immediately raise the alarm, if in a shop, ask for staff assistance, then involve police and alert parents.

Child Protection/Safeguarding Statement

As a Registered Childminder I have a responsibility to make sure that children are developing in a safe and secure environment.

If a child is injured in any way whilst in my care, I will let parents know how it has happened.  If the injury is serious, I will notify parents immediately and get the necessary medical treatment.  If a child arrives at my home with any injury, it is expected that parents will tell me about it.  It is normal practice to ask parents in any event, especially as most childhood injuries are a normal part of growing up.   It is important that the parent and myself communicate openly about this.

There may be occasions when I have concerns about an injury or I see changes in behaviour, or am concerned that a child is being harmed/abused/neglected/mutilated.  As part of my responsibility to keep children safe, I must report any concerns of this nature to Starting Point on 01629 533190.

The law says that the Children's Social Care Department must look into reports of any concerning injury or risk to a child.  A decision about who will inform parents of this course of action will be made between Children's Social Care and myself.  Doctors, Health Visitors, teachers, Childminders and Playgroup Leaders all have the same responsibility.  A leaflet 'what to do if you suspect your child is being abused' compiled by Children's Social Care is available which explains our duties and responsibilities as well as how parents will be kept informed of the process.   

If any parent has reason to complain about my behaviour, or that of my family, or an allegation is made against me or my family, regarding child abuse or neglect, then I will immediately inform Starting Point (on 01629 533190) and speak to the designated officer, as well as Ofsted of any such complaint as it is in my own interest to keep the correct authorities informed of any such matter. 

I have recently completed a course in Prevent Duty, and understand my duties in this respect to protect the children in my care and I promote British Values within my setting.

Internet Safety Policy

I offer children the opportunity to use the computer and the internet; however this is something we will undertake together, on my devices and I will have complete supervision.  Children are allowed to bring their own devices to play pre-loaded age appropriate games, but not to connect to the internet.

I would ask parents to let me know if they would rather their child was not allowed access to the internet.  I am registered with the ICO.

Video Game Policy

I have an Xbox 360 available for children in my care to use.  The time spent on this will be limited and I use the PEGI rating as guidance.  If you do not wish your child to play with video games or if they have a condition that might be triggered by them, please let me know.

Anti-Bullying Policy

I will not permit any form of bullying in my home, bullying can be physical (pushing, kicking, hitting, biting etc), verbal (name-calling, sarcasm, rumour spreading and teasing), emotional (excluding, ridicule, humiliation, tormenting), racists (taunts, graffiti and gestures).

Bullying will not be left unchecked.  If I have any concerns that a child in my care is being bullied I will discuss the matter with the parent immediately.  I will work with parents to support the child and resolve the problem.

If a child is being bullied I will reassure them that it is not their fault and that I care about them.  I will give lots of praise, encouragement and responsibilities to help them feel valued.  I will work with parents to help the child develop techniques to deal with the bully (assertiveness, walking away).

If a child in my care is the bully I will reassure them that I care about them and it is the behaviour I don't like working with them to help change this.  Work with the child to find ways to make amends for their actions. Develop a reward structure for good behaviour and discuss the matter with the parent, not in front of the child.

Parents should feel able to discuss any concerns with me at the earliest opportunity.

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy

The use of my mobile phone is restricted to avoid distraction and disruption to the care of children.  It will not be used (even hands free) whilst driving.  I take my phone on outings to contact parents and use in the case of an emergency.  Children will not be allowed to use their own mobile phone or camera.  Parents can call/message me on my number to speak to their children should they need to do so.  Children must not use their personal devices to take photographs whilst in my care.

Phone:      0115 8774757

Mobile:     0759 341 9385


Address:  16 Mason Road, Ilkeston,

                     Derbyshire DE7 9JP